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Vanguard --
a Fannish Social Gathering

January 3, 1998

These images were taken at the January 1998 Vanguard, using my Sony Mavica camera. I took most of them, and a few were taken by other people. The thumbnails here are linked to larger versions.

Debbie and Tom decorating their nametagsThis was the Vanguard where we were supposed to decorate nametags and wear them. Here Debbie Schwarz and Tom Lawrence are working on theirs.

Carrie Root, Cliff, and others decorating nametagsCarrie Root and Cliff Wind stamping, cutting, caligraphy-ing, etc. to decorate their nametags.

Jane Hawkins decorating her nametagOne of the hosts, Jane Hawkins, decorated hers early, before many people were there. (I was there, of course, because of my neurotic promptness syndrome.)

Jon Singer deserves a section to himself, since he's so photogenic! People like to take pictures of him.

Jon SingerJon Singer and Anita RowlandJon Singer

The downstairs at Jane, Luke and Vonda's place is the smoking section when Vanguard is held there. Even though I don't smoke, I usually spend part of the evening kippering myself down there.

Victor taking a picture of me taking a picture of him...In the January 1998 Vanguard, we had dueling digital cameras. Someone once called this photgraphing-the-photographer act "a Rowland thing to do." But it seems perfectly natural to me!

Tami Vining and Victor GonzalezVictor also held court with Tami Vining.

The new futons in Jane and Luke's living room are very popular. Victor and Lesley Reece on the left; Michael Hoffman, Michael Hoffman, Molly Blades and Frank Weyerich in the center; Ron Drummond and Tom Lawrence on the right.

Victor and LesleyMichael Hoffman, Molly Blades and Frank WeyerichJon Singer

Victor, Leslie, and Carrie RootJames X, Heather Wright, and Jerry KaufmanIn the perennial way people like to cram into the smallest possible space, there was lots of good chat in the doorways and the tiny kitchen.

Jane Hawkins demonstrates her prehensile toesAlso in the downstairs kitchen, Jane Hawkins confirms the rumor that she has prehensile toes. Are fans an advanced subspecies of humanity, or atavistic?

Vonda's kitchen is also a popular place.

Tom Lawrence, Debbie Schwarz, and XKate Schaefer, Glenn Hackney, and Sheila

Some portraits:

Jessica Amanda SalmonsonJessica Amanda Salmonson


Andy Hooper, Ian Haggeman, and Lesley Reese

Andy Hooper Ian Haggeman Leslie Reese

Vonda MacIntyre and Marilyn HoltVonda and Marilyn on Vonda's denim couch.

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Written by Anita Rowland, Wednesday, January 28, 1998.

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